Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anyone else shy as fuck?

I'm just pissed off at myself because I've been madly in love with this one girl for around 2 years... I always had classes with her but I never said a word to her. And now my friend who is new to the school, just comes along out of nowhere and makes more progress with her in half an hour than I did in 2 years. And knowing this guy, he won't stop till she's his. Prom is coming up soon and I know I wont be getting with her by then but if she goes with him i'm gonna die of jealousy.

tl;dr: non musical related blog about me and how useless I am when it comes to love.

thanks for reading...........

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Underrated Bands: Allele

This band isn't exactly post hardcore or metalcore; more alt. rock but still, they are an awesome band and deserve a lot more recognition for their work. I'm a sucker for depressing, slow, love songs so thats why I love them even more :P