Thursday, December 30, 2010

In fear and faith vocalist (screamer) quits?

Ok I'm really late on this but wow, Cody quit?

There I was just on the page and I notice a guy talking about how he quit and what he said. So I did a quick google search and apparently this is what he said on his Facebook:

"I have left In Fear And Faith. I will not tell you why because its none of your business. Nice meeting you all. Buy whatever CD they come out with next. Scott has a better voice than any of these other shitty bands out there. If you live in SD lets hang out. Please don't talk shit cause its a pain to go to your home page and delete you. GO CHARGERS."

Hmm as much as I like the band I really don't like this guys attitude. He was a talented screamer but after seeing this and his behaviour at concerts... maybe this is for the best.


  1. Oh geez, dude totally sounded like a douche..

  2. Dude you have the best taste in music haha.

    I'm a huge UKHC and post hardcore lover. Although I get extremely pissed off at the difference between hardcore and metalcore. I can't stand faggots that listen to beatdowns and soft vocals and claim to be hardcore!

  3. Sounds like a prick. The probably forced him to resign. No one's gonna hang with him in SD.