Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last FM

Ok guys. I know this isn't really metal related, well at least not directly but I just have to share my love for this site.

What you do is you download its "scrobbler" which tracks your played tracks across your music player and publishes them to your profile. Using this information, you can find out similar bands/artists to the ones you like, events and all sorts of other cool stuff.

Thanks to this site I've discovered tons of under rated and unpopular bands which I love and I probably wouldve never found out them without it.

It also "scrobbles" from your ipod, phone, etc. So your music can always be tracked.

Pretty cool huh?

If you join, add me here


  1. damn i really want to get lastfm :/

  2. I am more of a hardcore punk man myself.
    inb4 12.
    I will be following daily.
    Please check my blogs out and help support me too.

  3. Guise if anyone wants to add me on
    It's an awesome site.

  4. It's awesome how far the technical possibilities have come. In the past, you had to ask the guy in the music store ...

  5. To bad Hawaii doesn't support most of the bullshit.

  6. is so useful when you're looking for new bands to listen to

  7. Great for finding new music. I'm pretty sure I've gotten most of my music from services like this.